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What we do …

At Computer Voodoo we pretty much do any and all things “tech”. We’ve listed a few things below just to give you the basic idea. Call or stop by today!

Own a business?

Computer Voodoo is a residential division of LAN Masters INC. LAN Masters INC has been servicing Central Florida businesses for over a decade so we leave the “business” to them. For more information on LAN Masters INC please visit :

Computer Tune-Up

Is your PC running slow? Are you getting a bunch of random error messages? Might be time for a Voodoo Tune-up! We’ll get yout PC running like new again.

Virus & Malware Removal

These days it’s not that hard to end up with some sort of virus or malware on your PC. Fortunately for you it’s not that hard for us to clean it up!

Desktop & Laptop Upgrades

Need more ram? Need a bigger hard drive? Maybe you want a better video card? Whatever it is, we can make it happen.

Desktop & Laptop Repair

You go to turn on your desktop or laptop and you’re greeted with a blue screen or maybe you get nothing at all. Don’t freak out … call us!

Home Networking

Need some help with your home network setup? Better Wifi range? Maybe you’d like to share files and printers? We can help with that.

Backup and Data Recovery

If you’re not backing up your data YOU SHOULD BE! Call us and we’ll make sure your data is safe.

Maybe you’re reading this too late and your hard drive has failed? Let us help and get your data back. 🙂